Licence to Alter

Our extensive experience means we can provide advice and guidance to freehold and management companies when leaseholders have expressed a wish to carryout alterations to their property. Under the normal lease terms, a leaseholder is required to obtain permission from the freeholder / Landlord, referred to as a licence for alteration.

The granting of a licence for alterations is important to a leaseholder as unauthorised changes to a flat layout can lead to difficulties with the quiet enjoyment of the whole premises in conjunction with other flat owners and can also typically lead to difficulties when selling their property.

We provide specific advice to suit the needs of our clients, and the services will often include:

  • Reviewing the proposed works, reporting to the freeholder on both the technical and statutory requirements such as Building Regulation approval and planning consent.
  • Liaising with the leaseholder to advise and agree on the technical aspects of the works.
  • Liaising with the legal advisors for the freeholder and lessee.
  • Preparation of schedules of condition and checking on completion of the work.
  • Periodic inspection and reporting on the works.
  • Ensure all documentation is in place and that works have been carried out in accordance with the Licence to Alter.

Whether you are a leaseholder or landlord / freeholder, Michael Ashton Associates has the experience to assist you through the whole process.